Customized, On-Site Operator Safety Training

For companies that truly want to improve the safety and efficiency of their material handling operations. We customize our training to your equipment, your facility and your operation. In fact, prior to training your team, we tour your space and take pictures of your equipment and facility so we can discuss specific issues with your team. We then integrate our training materials into your specific situation so that operators can relate better to the training.

Training for All Types of Equipment

With expertise and experience across the full spectrum of material handling equipment, our trainers can evaluate, educate and certify your operators and rigging personnel in one visit to your facility. 

Improve Operator Productivity

It’s not uncommon that safety personnel will advise operators to slow down in order to operate more safely, but this is not always necessary and it can significantly affect productivity. At MHS Safety Training, we provide your operators with the knowledge they need to operate as efficiently as possibly within the limits of the equipment.

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Reduce Damage to Your Facility & Equipment

Have you ever wondered where all of those scratches on the back your forklifts originate? How about the dented guard rail or the bent track on the roll-up door? If you are lucky, damage may be limited to some scuffed paint and wobbly doors, but these are still signs that an accident is inevitable. By taking pictures of your facility and equipment, our trainers address specific issues that affect your operation in our training.

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Reduce Product Damage

Do you have pallet racks, materials, finished product, facility or equipment damage? One (often hidden) cost of a material handling system is damage, caused primarily my inadequate hazard assessment and proper training to address site and equipment requirements. It is one of the most important issue that we address in our comprehensive site and equipment specific training. We do not simply address cause of damage but more importantly we provide solutions.

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Reduce Maintenance Costs

While there will always be costs associated with maintaining equipment, we have saved companies tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating bad practices and educating operators on how to properly move loads to minimize the strain on the equipment. We focus on concepts like the Stability Triangle and teach operators how load capacities are affected by attachments, load centers and more.

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Meet the Trainer

MHS Safety Training's Operator Safety Training program is led and developed by Guy Snowdy whose credentials include over 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the material handling and construction equipment industries, particularly powered industrial trucks, aerial lifts, cranes, and rigging equipment.

"Guy’s willingness to tailor the training to our specific needs and the needs of our operators is what truly sets him apart. He picks up on things, sees them and tweaks them to make sure our team understands and is always learning."

- Steve Hess, VP of Safety
Heico Construction Group