Enhance Worker Safety

How We Fix Problems the Others Cannot

Our training process starts out with an in-depth, onsite analysis. During this evaluation, our Director of Safety and Training Development and certified Master Trainer will look at all of your lift trucks, their attachments as we all as the facility space where the equipment is being used to develop your tailored training program.

Our Approach…

The training approach we have successfully implemented for more than 30 years is to help move the operator’s skill set from simply reacting to the lift, to a more proactive approach. Examples of this include proper stacking and un-stacking of material, proper lift operation when operating in small spaces and reducing damage to lifts, products and the workplace.

We observe:

  • Areas where damage has occurred
  • Accidents and near miss accident areas
  • Equipment damage
  • Areas that have the potential of becoming a problem area


  • Improve the safety of your work place
  • Convert reactive driver of equipment to become proactive
  • Reduce damage and related cost
  • Comply with all regulatory requirements

Meet the Trainer

MHS Safety Training's Operator Safety Training program is led and developed by Guy Snowdy whose credentials include over 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the material handling and construction equipment industries, particularly powered industrial trucks, aerial lifts, cranes, and rigging equipment.

"Guy’s willingness to tailor the training to our specific needs and the needs of our operators is what truly sets him apart. He picks up on things, sees them and tweaks them to make sure our team understands and is always learning."

- Steve Hess, VP of Safety
Heico Construction Group