Our Approach

What is the true cost of an accident in your facility? 

What are the root causes of the damage and abuse in your facility?

What attempts have been made to address damage and abuse?  

Do you have a concrete plan in place to eliminate damage?

These are the questions that should be answered when developing an effective training program for the operators of your material handling equipment.  

Our Approach

With over 30 years of experience in training material handling equipment operators, we have developed an approach that truly works.  It features on-site, customized safety training that is unique to your facility, equipment, operations and training requirements.  It not only improves operator performance, but is also reducing accidents, incidents and damage while ensuring compliance with OSHA regulation.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Conducting a comprehensive material handling equipment and storage specific hazard assessment is the first step in addressing the true cost of operating material handling equipment in your facility. The goal of the hazard assessment is not only to correct any compliance concerns, but more importantly it is to discover where and why damage occurs to equipment, facility, product and materials. Finding solutions to these problems is critical to building a comprehensive training and operator assessment program.   

Engaging, Hands-On Training

Our experience is that many equipment operators approach the training and certification process with as much as excitement as they do visiting the dentist.  That is until they realize that we are not there to talk at them, but to talk with them.  We start the process by:

  • Evaluating and taking pictures of your facility to identify areas with damage, abuse and safety concerns.

  • Surveying equipment to identifying damage or abuse that may be an issue.

  • Assessing movement patterns, loads, and processes to identify areas of concern. Most importantly solutions to reduce damage and abuse.

Armed with this information, we can better understand your operator’s challenges and address them with training and guidance that is specific to his/her particular situation.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

By taking this customized, hands-on approach, we are able to do more than just certify your operators. We help install safety programs.  Your operators get to express any challenges and get proven straight forward solutions.  They gain a deeper understanding for their equipment, how it is used and how to operate it safely.  More importantly, they feel that they have invested in the safety program and want to ensure that it is successful.

OSHA Compliance

While our focus is on training your operators to truly improve your operations, each customized training program also ensures OSHA compliance by including:

  • Written test covering equipment, work site and company applications
  • Hands-on evaluation of each operator with all applicable equipment
  • Wall certificates and wallet-sized certification cards for all graduates
  • Complete list of participants, test scores and missed questions
  • Answers to all material handling safety questions
  • Follow-up consultation

In fact, since it is impossible to legally comply with OSHA 1910.178 without doing onsite training with the specific equipment used by the operators, our approach is the only way to truly ensure that you get the return on your investment for training.

Meet the Trainer

MHS Safety Training's Operator Safety Training program is led and developed by Guy Snowdy whose credentials include over 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the material handling and construction equipment industries, particularly powered industrial trucks, aerial lifts, cranes, and rigging equipment.

"Guy’s willingness to tailor the training to our specific needs and the needs of our operators is what truly sets him apart. He picks up on things, sees them and tweaks them to make sure our team understands and is always learning."

- Steve Hess, VP of Safety
Heico Construction Group